Death Toll In Philippines Could Reach 10,000

Three days after the storm tore through the Philippines, bodies still lie in the street, homes are gone, and much of the infrastructure is destroyed.The Filipino president says more than 20 countries have pledged aid.In addition to the U.S. Marines already helping, Secretary of State John Kerry promised a full commitment from the U.S. That commitment has also been echoed by President Obama who reminded the Filipino people that their spirit and resilience will see them through this tragedy.People in the U.S. are still waiting on work from loved ones in the Philippines because phone lines are down.A number of humanitarian groups are working to raise money and gather necessities like medical supplies.For those who survived this storm, the long road to recovery will be painful and take years. The economic impact may top $14 billion and the death toll of 10,000 is still just an estimate.Typhoon Haiyan is out of the Philippines and moving into China over the weekend. The concern right now is with what's left of tropical depression Zoraida. KMPH meteorologist Kevan Ramer says the weaker system is just adding to the misery with some light to moderate rain.