Deadly Workplace Shooting; New Details Released

KMPH News has learned more about the man who shot and killed two people and tried to kill two more before turning the gun on himself in Fresno on Election Day.

But Fresno Police say we may never know why he pulled the trigger.

Lawrence Jones took a gun to Valley Protein on November 6 and shot his coworkers.

Police say the gun was stolen in a burglary back in June.

Jones' coworkers described him as a loner who did his job but was easily distracted.

Detectives found 23 letters at his apartment written to women on television and on the streets who he'd never met.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said they were kind words, and there was nothing violent in the letters that would foreshadow what Jones did that day.

"I wish we could say that through all of this investigative work that's been done that we had a definite motive, that we knew exactly what prompted Lawrence Jones to shoot these individuals, but we cant. We have not been able to determine that, and we may never," Chief Dyer said.

Police hope one of the victims who's at the hospital in stable condition will be able to help them find out why the shooting happened.