Driver In Deadly Crash High On Meth, Police Say

UPDATE: August 14th 10:00 p.m. A 26-year-old Clovis man is dead after police say a woman driving a stolen S.U.V. ran a red light and crashed into four cars.Police say the woman, 45-year-old Roberta Soto is suspected of being high on meth.The accident happened right at the start of rush hour traffic just before seven Thursday morning, near the crowded intersection of Herndon and Fresno Street.Fresno police say the driver of the stolen Kia Sorrento driven by Soto was traveling north of Fresno at a high rate of speed. Police say she ran the red light and collided with a 2008 Mazda traveling west on Herndon. The impact was so massive that is sent both cars into 3 other vehicles that were stopped at the intersection.Officers say Soto never should have been behind the wheel because her license expired in 2012.Police say 26-year-old Matthew Harkenrider who was driving the 2008 Mazda hit by the S.U.V. was killed instantly.Harkenrider worked at Community Regional Medical Center as a radiology technician, and got married just last year, and had a twin brother.Community Regional top brass sent out this statement, "Matthew was one of those rare individuals with the potential to be successful at anything he desired. His focus was on his family and friends - including his community work family. With heavy hearts we offer condolences to his family."Soto remains inside the hospital with several broken bones. Once she gets out she has a one way ticket to jail.Police say Soto is facing a number of charges including causing a deadly crash while on drugs, driving a stolen car and having meth on her.UPDATE: 11:30 a.m.Herndon Avenue near Highway 41 was still backed up around noon because of a deadly crash Thursday morning.The crash shut down Herndon between First Street and Highway 41, causing long delays during the busy morning commute.Witnesses tell KMPH Fox 26 News that a car blew through a red light and crashed into another vehicle in the intersection of Herndon and Fresno Street.At least one person was killed in the crash.Police are still at the scene investigating and they expect to be there for the next few hours.Herndon is closed right now between First and Highway 41 because of a deadly crash.At least one person was killed and emergency crews are still at the scene.Traffic is backed up right now, so avoid the area.There are reports that a woman ran the red light and hit another vehicle in the intersection.The woman was transported to the hospital and was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. Stay with KMPH Fox 26 News for updates on this breaking news.{}