Deadly Accident: Driver of Medical Truck Runs Stop Sign, 3 Killed

A man remains hospitalized after a deadly accident near the town of Caruthers.California Highway Patrol officers say it was caused when the driver of an Apria Healthcare truck ran a stop sign.The medical truck, crashed into a red Chrysler Town and Country minivan, killing three people and seriously injuring a fourth who was air lifted to the hospital.Officers say all the victims were adults.The impact sent the minivan into a Chevy Avalanche and also into a Nissan Cube.Three people inside the Cube had minor injuries.However, the driver of the Avalanche took off and left the scene.Officers say they are looking for that driver, just to make sure he or she is okay.The driver of the Apria Healthcare truck was not hurt from the crash, but will likely be cited and could face charges.