Daylight Saving Time - Why Do We Spring Ahead?

We're getting close to springing forward for daylight saving time. It's Sunday, March 9, 2014.

It's the annual ritual of losing an hour of sleep, and getting an extra hour of sun at night.

But what's the point and who does it benefit?

Some suspect it benefits the farming industry, but according to the author of a new book about daylight saving time, farmers are the most opposed to daylight savings in all groups of Americans, because they actually prefer more morning sunlight.

And some experts say we have been mislead into believing extra sunlight, equals energy savings.

Michael Downing, a professor and author says: "It's entirely untrue and by now even the department of energy has conceded that not only do we not save energy, but it costs Americans millions of dollars every year in extra energy use to turn our clocks ahead."

The TV industry is also not a fan of daylight saving time.

Prime time TV ratings usually drop as much as 15% during the week after the time change because more people are outside enjoying the sun, and not on the couch watching TV.