Day Care In Trouble For Strapping Child To A Chair and That's Not All

An investigation by the 'State Health and Human Services Agency' says a Sanger day care went too far when disciplining kids. 'Blossom Trails Pre-School and Day Care' was investigated after a parent filed a complaint against the day care in January. According to the report from the 'State Health and Human Services Agency' there were 3 allegations against the day care. After an investigation at the end of April the agency says all the allegations are true. During the investigation the agency interviewed staff, children, parents, reviewed records, and observed 'Blossom Trails'. The report says that a child was strapped to a chair for a time out. The agency also uncovered that staff were told to put children in the bathroom for a time out or until they calmed down if they were crying. The report also states that sometimes the lights were turned off and children were left alone. The investigation also discovered that a staff member was lifting children up by their arms from the ground while they were sleeping, which caused some of the kids to cry. When parents found out about the report they were upset. "It is a scary thought," says one parent, "We're bringing our kids to a place where we think it is safe and to find out your kids aren't as safe as you think is a pretty scary feeling." "I was a little disappointed," says another parent, "I wanted answers about what had happened so I could find out if it was a 100% true." So, what's the day care's punishment? The State is requiring the report to be posted for 30 days. Also, all parents of children who currently go to the day care, and new enrollees, must receive a copy of the report. Parents KMPH Fox 26 spoke with say that's just a slap on the wrist. "It's probably an embarrassment for the center but it's not going to help the issue," says a parent. KMPH Fox 26 News left a message for the day care's owners, but they have not responded to our request for a comment.