Best Diet to Lose Weight and Drop The Fat

Once again, the Dash Diet is called the best diet off the year. That's 4 years running!

US News and World Report just released its list of best diets.

The Dash Diet eating plan was ranked number one, again.

Dash focuses on lowering how much salt you eat. It was developed by the National Institutes of Health to help people control high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney stones and diabetes.

Last on the list is controversial Paleo Diet - even though it's the most searched diet on Google.

It focuses on eating lots of meat and produce, while avoiding grains and dairy. Basically eating what a caveman would.

The Paleo Diet is said to be too restrictive for most people to follow and lacks enough research to back up its health claims - even though it's been highly effective for some in losing weight quickly.