Dangerous School Crossings, Where are the Crossing Guards?

Knowing your kids are safe when they cross the street to get to school is necessary for every parent.

However, spend a day at a school without a crossing guard and you will see kids running in and out of traffic.

But it's not just kids, we saw parents running across streets as well.

Parent Silver Payne says, "I saw a couple of kids almost getting hit."

Reporter asks, "What do you think about this?"

Silver Payne says, "It's terrible and a lot of people don't stop."

Michael O'Hare runs the adult volunteer school-crossing program known as Safe-2-School.

It has been around for 30 years.

Fresno Unified pays $89,000 a year for the service.

That may sound like a lot but O'Hare says that money pays for equipment and reimbursements to volunteers to cover the 1200 shifts each year, for such items like water, cell phone and transportation costs.

However, O'Hare says lately the volunteer pool has dwindled.

Michael O'Hare says, "It's hard to find people on a regular basis. Yes, somebody comes over and says I can help you today, but what about tomorrow or the next day."

If you'd like to volunteer, the entire process takes about 2 weeks. You fill out an application, and have a background check, you will then be trained and ready to go.

For more information contact Michael O'Hare at 559-289-9456.