Dangerous Gas Leak: People Evacuated After Car Slams Into Home

Six homes in a Fresno neighborhood had to be evacuated on Monday after a car slammed into the side of one home and ruptured a gas meter -- and a troubling curve may be to blame.

The accident happened at Ashlan and Manila avenues.

Shawn O'Brien, who lives next door to the home that was hit by the car, said he was almost struck by the driver while walking outside to get his trash can.

"[The driver] hit the trash can, jumped the neighbors palm tree and landed in their yard and hit the house," said O'Brien, who added that the car became airborne after coming around a nearby curve too fast.

The collision ruptured a gas meter which then caused a gas leak, firefighters said.

Firefighters{} evacuated several homes, including the home of Jeff Campbell, who lives across the street.

Campbell said the home has been hit at least twice by cars in the past.

"That house has had some trouble, because of the curve right there," Campbell said.

Neighbors worry that Monday's accident won't be the last.

"[The city] should, maybe, put some [speed bumps] in every once in a while down the street because it's an ongoing thing," Campbell said.

The accident is under investigation.

Officials say the driver, who was treated for only minor injuries, has not been charged with anything.