Dangerous Car Chase - Police Say Accused Identity Thief Arrested

Police say a man led them on a high speed chase through Fresno and Clovis Wednesday afternoon.

Officers say they started chasing the man at Fairmont and Willow in Clovis when he ran a stop sign. Police realized the driver was a wanted man and pursued him. Officers say they stopped the chase several times but the bad guy started driving the wrong way on Highway 180.

Police say the driver eventually crashed his SUV on Belmont in Southeast Fresno. He ran away and was arrested a few blocks away.

The crash caused a lot of damage. A bus stop was ripped to shreds and a light pole was knocked down. Officers say the only person hurt was the bad guy.

Police say the man behind the wheel was Joshua Moynier. Officers say he's being charged with a bunch of crimes, including using his car as a deadly weapon, fraud and burglary. Police say Moynier was released from prison early as a part of the AB 109 rule.