'Dance, Dance' Video Game Unveiled At Fresno Middle School, MTV Personality Makes Appearance

MTV personality Rob Dyrdek plays DanceDance Revolution with Fresno middle Schoolers on Tuesday

Fresno Unified School District is fighting back against the growing trend of childhood obesity -- with the help of a video game.

Students from eight middle schools from Fresno Unified on Tuesday became the first in the nation to try out DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition, an installment in the popular video game franchise that combines physical activity with the gaming experience.

Professional skateboarder and MTV personality, Rob Dyrdek, made a special appearance for the unveiling of the video game.

"I only wish there were opportunities like this for me when I was growing up," said Dyrdek, who established a foundation in 2003 to assist municipalities and non-profits with the construction of safe and legal skateboarding plazas.

"It takes a program just as simple as this to get a kid active," he said."Kids can enjoy doing and almost, what I would say, be fooled into being physically active."

Students at the event agreed that enjoyed the video game and had fun being physically active.

Up to 48 students can participate in the interactive video game using wireless mat controllers. The mat controllers have a "smart card" reader inside of them that tracks each student's progress.

While students move to the beat, teachers receive vital information about students' health, including steps, body mass index and the amount of calories they have burned.