Customer Steals Parts While Bike Shop Owner Repairs His Bike

A customer{}decided to help himself to bike parts at{}Fulton Cycle Works in downtown Fresno while the owner{}was busy repairing his bicycle. The theft was caught on the owner's security cameras. The owner Darren Johnson called the thief a semi-regular customer.{}"It hurts, it hurts.{} I take it personal because I have to trust people in this spot to kind of be on their honor."

Johnson says the thief helped himself to a pair of gloves, bike grips and a set of tires. He brought a second bike to the shop with a saddle bag.{} While Johnson worked he loaded up the bag with stolen goods. Johnson says his business is brand new. "We just moved to this location.{} Basically spent every penny we had. I haven't had a paycheck in over a year building a business. These little things, it may be a pair of tires and a set of grips but that's profit for a day.

Johnson checked his records but the customer who ripped him off paid for his repair job with cash. He{}called Fresno Police because he's angry and wants to teach the thief that crime doesn't pay. An anonymous customer called and identified the thief.{}Police are checking out that lead.{}If you recognize the thief call Fresno Police at 621-7000.{}