Close Encounter? Crop Circle Found In Field Near Salinas

There's a sight in Salinas County that's drawing crowds because, some say, you have to see it to believe it.It's happening in the town of Chualar, about 12 miles south of Salinas.KMPH FOX 26 News reporter Liz Gonzalez shows us the bizarre sight that no one can seem to explain.It began with a video posted to YouTube showing lights flashing from time to time.The next day, photos showed what appears to be an acre-wide circle in the field.The Monterey County Herald reports that the owners of this field have even brought in security guards to protect the land.No one seems to know how the circles were formed, but they were spotted for the first time on Monday.The two who caught the bursts of bright light on camera didn't want to give their names on YouTube either, but at one point, they were clearly startled and started running, with the camera still recording.The Monterey County Sheriff's Department does not have any reports of strange activity in the area, so it remains a mystery.