Crooks Vandalize Church & Steal From God!

{}Who in the world would vandalize a church, and steal from god?

That is what leaders at Saint Paul Newman Center are trying to figure out.

In the past month, crooks have hit the church three times.

Deacon John Supino says, "No apparent reason why would you break our fountain. Unfortunately I think they are very angry."

Deacon John Supino is the lead pastor at the Catholic Church, near Fresno State.

Since Sunday May 10, 1964, when the church held its first mass, Deacon John has been leading others to Christ.

Now he is turning his direction to the thieves and vandals that have been targeting his church.

The deacon says, "I wish some of these people would spend as much time working towards good, because they sure have some ingenious ways of getting in, it's a challenge."

Crooks have stolen several televisions out of meeting rooms.

The deacon says, "They came in, put they didn't know what they were doing and ripped the mount and TV off. The mount they ripped a piece of board right out of the wall, and dropped the TV."

In addition, just this week, several panels of glass had to be replaced after a high caliber rifle rounds were fired through the church library windows.

With each crime, less money is going to serve others because of the repair costs.

The deacon says, "We are all going through difficult times, there are agencies that they can go to without resorting to this, and I think they need to focus a little bit on God. Looking interiorly in what can I do to improve my life without hurting someone else."

The deacon and others say they will continue to pray, hoping these crooks change their ways.