Crooks Target Valley Craigslist Shoppers

Thinking of selling something on the popular web site, craigslist?

Fresno County deputies say crooks could be targeting you.

Deputies say crews of armed crooks are hitting the Tarpey Village and Mayfair District areas. But it's happening everywhere.

Deputies say a man answering an ad on craigslist, thought he was meeting a guy at a home to buy some speakers.

But instead deputies say the victim got a gun to his head, and his keys, wallet, and cell phone stolen.

As for the so called home the crooks were using it was a front.

The home had been vacant for the past 6 months.

There are ways you can protect yourself, like always meet at a public place and never go alone.

Police say it's also a good idea to never bring cash with you. It's like wearing a "rob me" sign.

If the person really wants to sell the item, why can't they take a cashier check, or stand in line at a bank with you?

Also you should shop for a bargain, but watch out for those steals! If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.