Crooks Hit Fresno Bike Shop Three Times In One Week

A central Fresno business is putting up some extra armor tonight after the owner says a crook tried to break in three times in just one week.

"I'm just mad and disappointed. I really have no idea who we have bothered or pissed off really," said Michael Eacock, the owner is "Tower Velo Bike Shop."

Eacock says his shop was first hit on Monday, the crook broke in through the back door, and got away with a $1,600 bike that belong to one of his customers.

"So we had a new lock replaced, new armoring on the outside, and then last night they decided to come in, and destroy the new armoring caused a complete destruction to the door essentially. It's not a coincidence, it's just somebody determined," said Eacock.

Eacock says his costs are now in the thousands, but his biggest loss isn't even monetary.

"It feels very invasive, paranoia has ratcheted up over the last week," said Deborah Eacock.

He and his wife Deborah have owned the neighborhood bike shop for seven years.

Deborah handles the paperwork while her husband does the fine tuning.

They specialize in repairs, and custom, one of a kind bikes.

Eacock says his impressive inventory is now going to be chained up as a safety precaution.

"Even though we live in an area where crime is really high, we have never experienced it. So this is our first experience with something that is aggressive and invasive and it's our little business and our friends," said Deborah Eacock.

The couple says for now, they are going to peddle forward, and hope three times will be the last.

Eacock has filed a report with the Fresno police department.

He says the department does not currently have any leads on who is responsible for the break-in.

The department has reassured the couple that it will have more police patrol cars out in the area.