Crooks Cut Power, Enter Home While Family is Inside

Your home should be your haven.But now, members of one Madera family are still on edge, after prowlers made their way into their home over the weekend--while they were inside."We had just finished watching the LEGO movie, when we heard the first knock," says Tswanna DeLaRosa, who was home with her 12-year-old daughter.Her father was asleep, upstairs. It was around 2:15 a.m. "Not even my friends knock on my door like that," she says. "We froze, looked at each other, then it happened again."She says the two got up,and turned off all the lights in their living room, which is at the rear of the home."Then, they rang the doorbell," she says. She peeped through the blind, but couldn't see anybody.Whoever knocked on her door and rang her doorbell walked away."Then I heard someone juggling the doorknob," she says.She and her daughter decided to head upstairs, and call police."We went into my dad's room. I woke up my dad, told him someone was in," she says.DeLaRosa says her father stumbled from bed, and immediately flipped the switch to turn on the lights.The family realized, the lights weren't working.The crooks, cut the lights in the home's switch box. "We closed the door. He grabbed a chair and he stuck it under like that and pushed it until it didn't budge any more."We heard them coming upstairs and we could see the flashlight through the rim of the door," she says.That's when her daughter suggested they hide in the closet."It locks from the inside," she says.All the while, she was still on the phone with police. "I was whispering. I didn't want them to know I was in here," she says. "I could hear them walking around.Police showed up and arrested one teenager down the street.Neighbors told DeLaRosa a getaway car sped from the scenethat may have been waiting for the teen who was arrested.Thieves made off with a 50" Television.A bag in the family room remains from that night.It's packed with video games the thieves threw inside, and also planned to take.The family has since bought a lock for the switch box. An alarm is also being installed. DeLaRosa says she always keeps her cell phone charged; it may have been her life-saver. Other phones in the home would not have worked without electricity. DeLaRosa says nights at home, will never be the same."We've been awake until seven or eight o'clock in the morning, just because it's terrifying," she says. "I didn't fear for myself. I feared for my daughter or my dad."