Smile, Crooks On Camera! Do You Know Them?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner the holiday shopping season is here, and so are the crooks.

Police say they are seeing an increase in thieves ripping-off stores - even with surveillance cameras tracking their moves.

Last Monday, around 7:30 p.m. a man strolled into a Walmart in southeast Fresno and ripped off four flat screen televisions.

Sgt. Mark Hudson says, "This person you saw in the video he didn't seem to care at all that he was loading up 4 TVs, flat screen TVs at Walmart and then just walked out with them, went out through the emergency exit."

Once he made it outside he was confronted by Walmart's loss prevention team. The man threatened to fight them.

In the end, he took off with one of the televisions.

In Madera County surveillance cameras caught some thieves smashing the window at a Chevron gas station at Highway 41 and Avenue 15.

The trio then drove up in a Chevy pickup and stole the ATM

Detectives say the Chevy is blue or green, with chipped paint on the top.

Police say these crooks are becoming so bold.

Police say many times they are released from jail and on the same day are committing more crimes.

Sgt. Hudson says, "Not having concern over being arrested, not having concern over being confronted by security. There doesn't seem like there is very much a deterrent, certainly we need the help of the public to keep themselves protected, prevent becoming a victim. So whatever information we can get out to them, ways they can protect themselves we are asking them to do that."

If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

You could get money for your information and no one has to know it was you who called.