Crook Carjacks Blind Man's Family Car

A Fresno couple is hoping the crook that ripped off their car will reconsider and bring it back.

Fresno Tower District residents David Carr and his wife just had a baby.

David needs his car to get to life-saving appointments.

To look at David, you would never know he is nearly blind due to diabetes and needs to undergo kidney dialysis at least three times a week.

Tuesday morning, while getting ready to leave for a treatment, the couple was carjacked outside their home.

David Carr says, "If you're out there, I hope you are sorry for what you did. You really scared me to death. I thought I lost my other half."

Kami Vining says, "I got to the car and he was putting it into drive. I think I just fell and my foot fell from underneath me, and I think I made contact with the bumper because my tooth is chipped."

Besides chipping her tooth on the bumper, Kami injured her foot and scraped her knees.

The couple had limited insurance on their 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara, so unless the crook brings it back, the family will now have to walk or take the bus to work and to David's life-saving dialysis appointments.

The family is looking for a car.