Pot, Kidnapping, and Murder Investigations Keep Madera Co. Deputies Busy

Madera County law enforcement say the search was on for nearly 12 hours for former Madera County Supervisor Harry Baker, after an early morning call came in telling emergency operators, he had been kidnapped.

Madera County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Erica Stuart says," You can't stop one investigation to only focus on another. We had to do all three and the concern was, where is Harry?"

In the end, detectives found Baker at his Oakhurst office. But the deputes says it still can not confirm if he was taken against his will.

The kidnapping investigation was the latest in what has been a busy week for the Madera County Sheriff's Department.

Just days ago, deputies were called to a drive-by shooting where a 17-year-old was gun down in Madera county.

The next morning, the same deputies were needed to help eradicate a major marijuana grove along Highway 99, a garden the size of 17 football fields.

Hours later, deputies were called to yet another murder in North Fork.

Then deputies got the call about the kidnapping of Baker.

Stuart says, "One of the one hand, we were relieved Mr.Baker is fine. But on the other hand we were working from 12:53 a.m. until 12:50 p.m. until we heard from him that the search was over."

So how much did this cost taxpayers?

Madera County Sheriff Department says those figures are still being added up.

But with deputies and detectives working around the clock non-stop it could easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Madera County deputies say they are beat.

Stuart says, "If this would go on for another week, I think you honestly have people asking how much more of this can we take."