Plane Crash Lands On Herndon Avenue In Fresno

One of Fresno's busiest roadways is now back open after a plane made a crash landing Sunday morning-- and it's safe to say a less experienced pilot may have had a different outcome.The 1948 Ryan was headed to Sierra Sky Park but came up short, leaving parts of the plane scatted along Herndon Avenue, near Brawley.The pilot says he lost power and was unable to make the runway.The plane is registered to a former Wing Commander for the 144th Fighter Wing of the California National Guard in Fresno.The plane crashed into one fence south of the sky park, then skidded across five lanes of Herndon.It missed the runway by yardsand missed traffic."We're fortunate it wasn't a five o'clock on a Friday afternoon," said Rich Cabral, a Battalion Chief with the Fresno Fire Department.. The pilot and two others on board made it out safely.Herndon was closed for about four hours.Firefighters scrambled, because the plane began to leak fuel.That leak, was quickly contained.Investigators with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are now handling the investigation.