Craigslist Scam: Fresno Mom Looking For A Job Targeted

A hardworking Fresno mom looking for a second job decided to check Craigslist. She found a job, but that's also where a scammer found her and tried to rip her off for thousands of dollars.

Frauline Brown works hard to make sure her 4 kids have everything they need. The single mom has a full time job but she's trying to get a second one.

"I decided that I don't want to waste time," says Frauline Brown.

She checked Craigslist and found an ad for a housekeeping job. She says a man named "John Armstrong" told her in an email his family was moving from Canada to the USA. The email also said he would be doing research for the "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. He also gave her his phone number.

"I was trying to call him on his number, but all of a sudden it goes to voicemail and he never called me," adds Brown, "It's all through text and email and I had doubts about this job."

Brown showed KMPH Fox 26 News dozens of text messages "John Armstrong" sent her. Some of the messages ask her to send him money. There are texts asking Brown how much money she has in her bank account. Then he said he was sending her $3000 to buy cleaning supplies.

"I got to thinking why is he going to pay me right away. He hasn't even seen my job performance yet," says the Fresno mom. {}

Brown received an envelope with a Las Vegas address that contained a check for $3,250 from a Maryland company. "John Armstrong" then sent text messages to Brown telling her to cash the check at an ATM. Soon after that he sent her an email telling her to use the $3,000 to pay for artwork his wife had ordered. He told her to send the money to Charles Rainez in St. Joseph, Missouri.

"I was thinking if they ordered the artwork why don't they pay for it right away," says Brown, "Why should it be me, the house keeper."

Since Brown was suspicious about the check she didn't go to the ATM. Instead, she went inside the bank where the teller told her the check was bad and that if she cashed it she would owe the bank $3,250."

Brown admits she's lucky she wasn't scammed.

"For everything there is purpose and a reason. It's a good thing God choose me and now I know I have to be wise."

Brown is still receiving text messages from "John Armstrong" asking if she's sent the money. She's ignoring him.

KMPH Fox 26 News called the number "Armstrong" gave Brown and it goes straight to voicemail.