Crackdo Fresno Police Bust Illegal Casino

Police on Wednesday shuttered an illegal gambling ring posing as an Internet cafe.

The Fresno Police Department's Vice-Intel Unit served a search warrant at the Quick Stop Internet cafe where they{}seized{}29 illegal devices used for gambling and more than $13,000 in cash in the culmination of an investigation.

Officers monitored activity and played games inside of the business over the course of the investigation.

Police have been called out to the business more than 30 times for incidents that include physical disturbances, arguments over gaming rules and theft since it opened in December.

Investigators are currently searching for the owner of the business. Tax permits for the business show an out-of-town address, authorities said.

Police, however,{}arrested 36-year-old Rocio Garcia of Fresno, for control, possession or keeping of slot machines or devices.

Eighteen customers were inside of the location gambling on the machines at the time the warrant was served,{}authorities{}said.