Couple Celebrates Wedding 70 Years in the Making

One couple exchanged vows in Clovis on Saturday, in a wedding ceremony 70 years in the making.

"It seems like a dream... just like a dream," says Patricia Cassity.

KMPH Fox 26 profiled Patricia and Pete Cassity in February.

The two attended Woodlake Elementary School in 1946.

They were in the same fourth grade class.

Pete Cassity fell in love the moment he saw the then-Patricia Blankenship.

He even remembered what she what she wore that day.

She barely knew he existed.

Flash Forward to 2013.

Both widowed, Cassity was living in Arkansas when he had his cousin track down his crush's phone number.

"I called her and said 'Patricia Blankenship, don't hang up on me. I've been in love with you 70 years. Don't hang up on me!'", he said.

"I thought at first it was a prank call," she said.

The two spent every day for five months on the phone.

In early February, Cassity flew to Clovis to see his beloved face-to-face.

Then he proposed.

"It's been a lifetime for me," he says.

She said 'yes' and the wedding planning quickly became a family affair.

Patricia's sons walked her down the aisle.

"They have at least another 70 years to be together," says her son David Adams.

Her daughter, Pamela Gaad, was the maid of honor.

"Just to see them exchange vows and the love I felt at that time as really very touching and incredible," she says.

"They waited a long time for this. This is wonderful," says Jimmy Adams, Patricia's other son.

Pete Cassity joked that he had been in love with Patricia for all but nine years of his life.

"I'm the happiest person in the world," he said.

"We know what we want. We want each other and we want to be together the rest of our lives, even if we are old," says Patricia. "I feel like a teenager!"

"My life is complete now," said Pete.