Drink Prices Going Up? Limes Are To Blame

The cost of cocktails could be going up. It's because lime prices are skyrocketing and are at an all-time high.

Margarita's, tequila shots, and many more drinks need limes. Bre East of Fresno says she always makes sure her cocktails have a lime in them.

"I find that it just tastes good with a lime, I love limes," says Bre East.

However, East isn't happy to hear that limes are expensive and bars are beginning to ration the fruit.

"Being a margarita drinker that's not good news you know," adds East, "When you cut back on lime you're not getting the full effect of your drink."

Bar owners told KMPH Fox 26 News that a bag of limes used to cost $3.99. Now, a bag of limes will set you back $7.99.

Bartenders say they're trying to limit the amount of limes they use or put lemons in drinks instead.

"We try to stretch them and make them last as long as we can," says 'Tower Sports' Bartender Giovanni Uribe, "We also wing it and use lime juice when we can."

If bars want to keep using limes they're going to have to pay and eventually customers might have to as well.

"I believe if they stay up we might have to bring the cost up," adds Uribe.

East says she hopes lime prices don't keep going up.

"I'll have to switch drinks," says East, "All I drink is margaritas."

So why are lime prices so high? The majority of limes are produced in Mexico and the weather has been bad. There's also a lot of violence in areas of the country were limes are grown.