Corcoran School Accused Of Not Helping Diabetic Student

A mother claims a nurse at her daughter's school in Corcoran is refusing to give her daily insulin shots.{} Christine Cruz's daughter Jasmine has Type One Diabetes.

When school started in August she met with school staff at{}John Muir School{}to make sure her diabetic daughter would get a shot before lunch.{}{}"She needs assistance with all Diabetes related procedures and of blood glucose testing drawing of the insulin which he refused to do. {} He was making her do that and{}I said no. {} Doctor says that's his job."

Two weeks after school started the eleven year old called home to say she believed the nurse messed up giving her insulin.{} She rushed to school and discovered Jasmine's reading was still high. {} She needed insulin.{} "He packed his stuff and started heading out and{}I asked him are you refusing to give her medicine?{} he said yeah. {} I turned to the principal and said did you see him refuse and he said{}I did."{} For now family members are dropping by at lunch to give Jasmine her insulin.{}{}

Corcoran Unified{}Schools{}provided this{}written response from Superintendent Rich Merlo.{}{}"The health and welfare of our students is the utmost importance to us. We do provide medical services for students with special needs.{}

As long as we have the parents' consent, we provide all required medical services to our students in accordance with federal and state laws, as well as our own policies and regulations.

To the best of our knowledge, no student in our school district has been unlawfully denied a medical service that the school district is lawfully obligated to provide.

Jasmine Cruz has also complained to the Department of Justice and she's shopping for an attorney.{} "Attorneys are hard to find because I'm not suing for money. {} I'm looking for replacement for someone to care for my daughter properly."

Cruz says the District has promised to respond to her complaint by October third.