Cops Chop Fresno Chop Shop

{}{} Fresno police say they've smashed a ring that's been stealing a lot of vehicles in the northeast Fresno area lately.

{}{}{}{} After seeing an increase in stolen cars over the last week, investigators say, they followed a man driving a stolen car to a home on Michigan Avenue near First Street in central Fresno Friday and found a chop shop.

{}{}{}{} Inside, they say they found all the tools of the trade including engine hoists, power saws and a couple of chopped up cars.

{}{}{}{} Police say, the owner of the house ran away when they showed up but they know who he is and plan to arrest him soon.

{}{}{}{} Investigators say, they did arrest the driver of the stolen car and five others car thieves this week.

{}{} {}{}{}Detectives also say, chop shops in homes are the new trend these days.

{}{}{}{} Car thieves are setting up shop in regular homes instead of the bigger commercial warehouses as they did before.

{}{}{}{} They also say, if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, such as hammering and sawing in a garage at all hours, please call Fresno Police at 559-621-CCAT or 621-2228, and they will come check it out.