Copper Wire Thieves Hit Fresno School

Copper wire thieves have struck again. This time it happened at another elementary school.

Thieves ripped out the wire sometime Monday night at Hamilton Elementary, which is located on Clinton near Palm, in Central Fresno.

When school officials arrived Tuesday morning, they found cracked box covers and cut cables.

The theft left 10 classrooms in the dark and forced teachers to move kids to other classrooms with power and working air conditioning.

Fresno Unified says copper wire thefts cost the district close to $200-thousand in just the past 12 months.

This is not only happening in Fresno.

In early September, Dry Creek Elementary in Clovis was hit by copper wire thieves for the fourth time since school started this year.

District officials say the damage cost Clovis Unified about a thousand dollars to repair.

Fresno Unified says copper thieves also hit its Prevention and Intervention Office on M Street in Downtown Fresno, taking down all the phone lines serving district families.