Copper Wire Thief Makes Life Miserable For SE Fresno Businesses

Farmers aren't alone when it comes to copper wire thieves.{} A business complex in southeast Fresno was hit earlier this week and merchants and customers have been sweating ever since.

The fan is blowing on high at Los Compadres Taqueria and Carneceria in southeast Fresno.{} That's because the air conditioning isn't working.{} It's been out of service since Tuesday when a copper wire thief snipped the lines on eleven units.

Pedro Falcon works at the taqueria.{} "The customers don't want to come inside because it's too hot. {} And{}I have to wait for the insurance to pay for the air conditioning."{}

Conditions are just as bad next door at Great Moon Buffet.{} The ceiling fans are moving but on a warm spring day in the 80's, it's not difficult to find an empty table.{} Hai Ming Song works at Great Moon.{} "Some of the customers tell me who come here, we're so hot.{} Saturday, no more customers. {} That's no good yeah."

Businesses have posted signs apologizing for the inconvenience.{} It also says that the complex manager will get it fixed as soon as possible.{} But the two restaurant employees that we talked to have no idea when that will be.{} Pedro Falcon has a message for the copper thief.{} "I just want to tell the guys who stole the a.c. Stop doing these things. {} No good. {} No good thing."

The Valley forecast calls for cooler days ahead. {} Businesses hope that will bring back their customers until the air conditioning units are fixed.