Cop Shoots, Kills Parolee After Fight In Fresno

A Fresno police officer is recovering after being involved in the fight of his life with a man suspected of being high on meth.

The 20 year veteran is one of the strongest officers on the force.

However he was no match for the{}man{}who was feeling no pain.

The brawl ended in a police shooting that left a man dead inside a southeast Fresno apartment.

The apartment is in the area of Backer and Huntington in southeast Fresno.

Police say the officer fired one shot hitting the man in the chest area, only after he tried his pepper spray with no effect at all.

The officer told investigators the man was so high and violent that the he felt no pain, and throwing him like a rag doll.

Deputy Chief Pat Farmer says, "The officer is an avid weight lifter to have an overcome that he almost got his gun taken away leads us to believe it was a very serious incident where the officer could have been hurt or killed."

Thankfully, the suspect's sister jumped in and helped the officer get out of the chokehold.

Police say it was then that the officer opened fire hitting the man.

The man was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

Police say the man was on parole from Michigan for an armed robbery charge.