Constipated? Grab an Apricot!

It's Apricot Season!

The best time to find apricots are usually from Mid-May to July.

Here are a few little known facts about this delicious fruit:

-Apricots were discovered 4,000 years ago on the mountain slopes of China.

-A hard apricot can be ripened by putting it in a paper bag for two days.

The little stone fruit pacts a powerful health punch.

It helps fight anemia because it's high in iron, constipation because it's high in fiber, skin problems because the fresh leaves soothe the skin (scabs, sunburn, eczema), helps digestion because it's alkaline, and vision because it's high in Vitamin A.

The apricot is also high in lycopene, B17, copper, beta-caroten and potassium.