Connecticut Shooting: Parents Take Kids Out Of School For The Day

After hearing about the tragic events in Connecticut, many parents in the Valley decided to pull their kids out of school Friday for fear of a copycat crime but also just to hold them.

Yuliya Veldez says, "When I picked them up, I just held them and tearing up when I saw them. I feel so bad for the families. All we can do is keep them in our prayers."

The Veldez family is not the only one.

Several parents on our KMPH Fox 26 Facebook page admitted they too took their kids out of school for the day.

Victoria Hernandez wrote, "I took them out early n drop them off at the babysitter then went back to work." She went on to say she is considering homeschooling.

Magdalena Cervantes wrote, "It's a comfort just to hold them and honestly I am afraid of copycats the way the world is. There's no such thing as an overreaction."

Amanda Libecki wrote, "Yes took my kids out of school early just to hug them!"

The Veldezes say they plan to use the tragic event as a lesson.

Throughout the day, they spent time together talking about making bad decisions.

They also talked about what could happen if someone acts out of anger.

Yuliya Veldez says, "We give it all to God before we leave and hope for the best. All we can do right now is keep them in our prayers."

Valley school districts do have psychologists on staff to talk with your children, if you see fit.