Community Members Help Bury 9 Abandoned Fresno County Babies

Nine abandoned Fresno County babies are resting in peace tonight. The babies were buried at Mountain View cemetery in southwest Fresno. "It breaks my heart that we have to do it, but it fills my heart with joy that we get to give them a proper burial," said Roy Bell, the owner of "Bell Memorials." A "Knight of Columbus" led a group of men dressed in suits into the cemetery. The men carried the ashes of "Christy," "Joan," "Jacob," "David," "Micah," "Herby," and three other babies who were never given names. Church officials and community members joined in prayer and in moments of silence to pay their respects. A section of the cemetery is set aside for the babies. It is appropriately called the "Garden of Innocence." "These babies belong to you. These babies are Fresno's babies and when you come to this garden, this is your place. You can come and pay respect to the children here," Elissa Davey. Davey started the abandoned baby burials in October of 2012 with help from the Fresno County board of supervisors. If it were not for the volunteers, the babies would be cremated alongside the county's homeless and other abandoned adults. On Saturday, community members helped bury the babies. Their ashes were carried one by one and laid gently into little white coffins. On top of the coffins, people placed flowers and baby toys. "That's what it's all about ... it's the community coming together to honor these babies," said Bell. According to officials, the baby burials take place twice a year.