Community Helps 91-Year-Old Veteran After Attack

Fresno resident 91-year-old Josef Martin is still recovering after four armed intruders attacked him.

Josef Martin says, "I feel a lot better, I still get headaches once in a while. But when you get hit in the back of the head and right here it's gotta do something you know."

Last week, three armed men and a woman broke into Martin's home, woke him up at gun point, and ransacked his home.

However, not before beating up the World War II veteran and throwing him in a closet.

Martin says, "Then he put the back of his gun in the back of my head, I was on my side, and then he put that gun in my mouth. I guess he got scared and I heard a click. He took it out of safety and grabbed me by the neck and shoved me in the closet."

Thankfully, he was able to get out and call 9-1-1.

Martin has given so much for this county, which he loves. During World War II, he fought in four major wars including the Battle of the Bulge and even stormed the beach at Normandy.

Since the attack, the community has given back to the veteran in the form of food and donations.

Martin says, "The Navy and Marines came over and they want to fix my faucet, and trim my trees and any odd and ends I need, which I appreciate very much. I was saving money to fix that faucet but they stole it."

Living on a fixed income, Martin says he's grateful.

He wants others, especially the seniors of our community to be on guard, which he plans to do for many more years.

Martin says, "I'm healthy I'm living and pray I hope to live another 91 or 92 years."

Fresno Police detectives are investigating. Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers (559) 498-STOP. You can earn yourself a cash reward.