Hit And Run Victim: Selma Boy Comes Home

It has been a long road to recovery for 6-year-old Elijah Romero.

Nearly six weeks after being hit and dragged nearly the length of a football field by a motorists, Elijah returned to his Selma home on Tuesday.

Elijah spent his first day home playing basketball and meeting with his friends.

In March, Elijah was crossing the street near Olive and Fig avenues when an early 90's light blue or gray van struck the 6-year-old, dragging him several blocks down the street before taking off.

"In 13 years I've seen a lot of people get hit by cars, but I've never seen anything this bad where somebody survived it," said Selma police officer Justin Holt, who was one of the first to respond to the hit and run accident. "I didn't think he would make it at all."

Skin was ripped from his body. He suffered a broken arm and hip. Doctors originally told his family that the odds that Elijah would survive were not good.{}

"I just hope nobody ever has to go through this; to not know if your child is going to make it," said Elijah's mother, Angela Hernandez.

But amazingly, Elijah did make it.

Bandages now cover his body{} where skin grafts continue to heal.

The family says it's nothing short of a miracle. Prayers, they say, helped his tiny frame heal.

Now, even after all pain, Elijah says he forgives the driver who hit him.

Detectives say they're still trying to figure out who was behind the wheel of the car that struck Elijah.

But for now the family says they're really just more focused on healing and coming together.