Coming Home: Las Vegas Police Escort CHP Officer To California

{}The trip home for CHP Officer Jesus Magdaleno and Felix Brandon Cruz started in Las Vegas with the Nevada Highway Patrol and Las Vegas Metro Police escorting the two men back to California.

Officers on motorcycles started the procession at a mortuary near Las Vegas. Following the officers were two white hearses carrying Magdaleno and Cruz. Right behind the procession was the family of the two men, including Magdaleno's fiance. The procession made it way through Las Vegas and passed by the Las Vegas strip, just a few blocks from where the fatal carjacking happened.

Officers driving in the procession say escorting Magdaleno and Cruz back to California is the least they can do.

"It is moving for our officers, it's emotional and it's an honor for us to be able to escort him this far," says Lt. Joseph Wingward from the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and Nevada Highway Patrol stayed with the procession all the way to the state line. As the hearses crossed from Nevada into California three rows of officers saluted Magdaleno.

Officers say they want Magdaleno's family to know he died a hero.

"I look at it no different as if he were on duty, because an officer never really is off duty. This was a selfless act on the part of this officer. His first thought was to save his future brother in law," says Lt. Wingward.

Officers from the Nevada State Patrol say when handed the procession over to the CHP they were reassured that Magdaleno would not be left alone until he is buried.