Comedian Celebrates March for Water in Firebaugh

Firebaugh - Free music and food for thousands in Firebaugh, courtesy of comedian Paul Rodriguez and California Latino Water Coalition, to thank those who support the fight for more water in the Valley.

"Our reason for celebrating is to say thank you, but we haven't won yet, but we have made progress," says comedian Paul Rodriguez.

In April, thousands of people participated in a four-day, 30-mile march for water.

It began in Mendota, and ended at the San Luis Reservoir.

But their march is not over yet.

"The people that are here, we are the epicenter of the drought.{} If you had 40% unemployment in Los Angeles there'd be riots, people think we are insignificant, but we are the mouse that roars," says Rodriguez.

Emotions still run high about the subject, and some blame our elected officials.

During a taped interview with KMPH, a heckler interrupted Valley Congressman Jim Costa, saying "The Democratic Party is the one to blame... let the fish vote for you, let the fish vote for you."

Costa - who supports the march for water, turned away the heckler and security officers made sure he didn't bother the Congressman.

"We have communities here in the valley that have 30-40 percent unemployment.{} I understand the nation is going through a recession, but here it's a depression," says Rep. Costa (D) Fresno.

Costa says he is fighting for the Valley, trying to convince state lawmakers to ease the environmental restrictions that are preventing the valley from receiving much needed water.

From farmers to farmworkers, celebrities to lawmakers... Valley residents vow to continue their uphill battle of quenching the Valley's water needs.

"Water was brought to us before, now they take it away from us.{} They're taking away our livelihoods, now it's time for us to fight for that," said Joe Del Bosque, a farmer who attended the celebration.

The next step for the California Latino Water Coalition, taking their fight to Washington, D.C.

That march is still being planned.