Cold Weather, Chilly Animals In Shelters: Blankets Needed

The chilly drop in overnight temperatures has animal control shelters scrambling to collect blankets and others items to their animals warm.

At Fresno's Liberty Humane Society & Animal Control, the majority of dogs have a blanket, but once its soiled the animal may have go without one while its being washed.

Animal control officers say many times a blanket provides more than warmth, it is also a sense of security until it is adopted into a loving home.

Animal Control Officer Daniel Bailey says, "The cold is here and it's going to get colder for sure. Winter is here, we don't have the permanent shelter yet, so we are still looking for newspapers, towels and blankets. We are still looking for extra tarps and thing to keep the animals warm at night."

Liberty is asking anyone who can donate a blanket, portable heater, towels or newspapers to bring your donations to the shelter at 760 West Nielson, in Fresno.

If you have any questions, you can call the shelter at (559) 600-7387.

If you already have a pet, but it is need vaccinations, listen up.

This Saturday November 2, 2013 Liberty Animal Control will be providing a free dog vaccination clinic.

Some one-thousand free parvo, distemper, rabies and other vaccinations will be given to pets.

It will take place at Malaga Community Park, located at 3582 South Winery in Fresno.

It begins at 10:30 in the morning and will continue until the shots run out.

So get there early.