Madera County Animal Services Investigating Neglected Horses Case

People in a Coarsegold neighborhood say a group of horses are being neglected and they want something done immediately.

"It's personally the worst I've ever seen," says Ursa who lives along the road where the horses are being kept.

The neighbors say for months they've seen the horses get sicker, there's ticks in their ears and cracks in their hooves.

"I've had horses for over 35-years," says neighbor Bridgette Russell, "They're not being taken care of, they're dropping weight and not seeing them get fed everyday on a regular basis, there's no excuse."

The neighbors say it got so bad one of the horses lost its footing and fell down a ravine. Animal services was called, but a veterinarian was not available. So, the horse's owner made the decision to put him down.

"I sat here and cried over it for 20-minutes, just because I promised we would get it help and we didn't not in time," says Ursa.

KMPH Fox 26 went to the home of the man who owns the horses. He declined to comment and then called the Madera County Sheriff's Department on our crew.

The owner of the property where the horses are being kept did talk to KMPH Fox 26 and he says... "The horses have been on my property for 2 and a half years and there's never been a problem with the horses' owner feeding them."

KMPH Fox 26 called Madera County Animal Services to find out what is going on. They say they have received several complaints about the horses and they are investigating.

Kristen Gross, Director of Madera County Animal Services sent KMPH Fox 26 this statement about the horse that had to be put down. "Our officers had been to the location following a complaint 1-2 weeks prior to this event. At the time the officers responded there was feed for the horses."

Madera County Animal Services is going to check on the horses again this week. However, one of the problems they're facing is they're short staffed and there are so many horse neglect cases to investigate. The Madera County Animal Services Director says they have more than 30-cases and each one has between 1 and 40-horses.