Clovis Wood Carver Is Modern Day Geppetto

Perry Coy from Clovis is an artist who never touched a piece of wood that he didn't like. This modern day Geppetto has been turning wood on his lathe for more than fifteen years. {}

He really became interested in making wood products after he retired ten years ago. {}"The coolest thing is to go out there and cut down a tree, take it home and make something out of it."{} {}

Perry makes all kinds of bowls and plates. {}He says no two pieces of wood are alike. {} Before a chunk makes it into the shop it has to go thru the curing process. {}

It sits in a garbage can covered with wet sawdust. {} "We'll take this and turn it and make it into something fantastic."{} Perry's latest project is making canes for disabled vets. {} It starts with a block of black walnut. Hundreds of revolutions later it starts taking shape. {} {}

Perry is an artist who makes some very unique gifts including an all wood cowboy hat. {} "You have to cut it green and turn it, warp it. {} You have to measure the head and allow for shrinkage."{} Perry's cowboy hats sell for 500 dollars. {}

Not all of his hand picked wood pieces are keepers. {} Many end up as firewood. {} "You never know what's gonna be in a piece of wood. {} God put it in there. {} All{}I gotta do is find it."{} Perry showed us a bowl where he uncovered a fox hiding in the wood.