Clovis Woman Says Repair Shop Scammed Her

A Clovis woman says she was scammed by an appliance repair shop. Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau says it has a list of unanswered claims about the same company.

Trina Short says she was getting nowhere in trying to get her money back. Therefore, she called KMPH FOX 26 News.

Short says, "We called a repairman to come out look at it. He looked at it and diagnosed the problem. He asked for payment a head of time, which many times they do. So I wrote them a check and he left with it. He cashed it right away and over a series of events never came back."

Short says she called V.G. Appliance Repair and paid $185.00 for a new part.

Short was given a hand-written receipt.

However, she says after three no-show appointments to replace the part, she demanded a refund from the company's owner, Victor Gutierrez.

Short says, "It was not money that came by easily. We've been really working hard to make ends meet, and we ended up having to use food money to get the washing machine fix."

KMPH FOX 26 News called the owner. A man who identified himself as Victor Gutierrez said the money will be refunded by Friday of this week, minus a $50-dollar service fee.

Short thinks she should get a full refund. Short says, "He hasn't done anything for me. Nothing and I want all the money back so I can get it fixed."

KMPH FOX 26 News asked the man for an interview. The man said, "I can't make any promises. I have to talk to my attorney."

KMPH Fox 26 News never heard back.

Our investigation reveals the company currently has an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau."

Cindy Dudley with the Central California BBB says, "We have 20 complaints that have been processed in the last 3 year period, which is the reporting period that we use for all companies. 13 of those have gone unanswered."

The Better Business Bureau says Victor Gutierrez also runs other appliance repair businesses, some alternate business names include, Appliance Repair, Gutierrez Appliance Repair and Install, V.G.'s Handy Maintenance and Repair and Top Rank Appliance Repair.

The BBB advises anyone who is need of an appliance repair shop to give it a call first.

Anyone can check its database to see if complaints have been filed against a specific company, and whether the company did anything to make things right.