Clovis Unified School District Is Hiring More Than One Hundred Teachers

More than one hundred teaching jobs are up for grabs in Clovis. On Friday the school district held a job fair for people hoping to snag one of those positions.

One of the reasons why the district is hiring teachers is it is trying to reduce class size in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Right now the average class size is around twenty seven students. The goal is to only have around 25 students in each class.

The school district isn't just looking for elementary school teachers. With enrollment growing by hundreds of students every year, the district needs all kinds of teachers with a passion for different subjects.

"I love children," says Teaching Applicant Alissa Sutton, "I have a passion for teaching and education. I love that this career has those combined."

"I teach biology, it's a study of life. It affects every single thing you see and everywhere you go," says Teaching Applicant Jordan Anderson, "It's the most interesting thing I ever studied in school."

Money to pay for more than a hundred new teachers is coming from the state. However, with almost 400 applicants it's competitive.

"I just had to get in and see if I could teach at the place where I got my education," says Teaching Applicant Brittany Maxwell, "It was really awesome that I got in to interview."

The district is also working on upgrading where the teachers will teach thanks to Measure "A" money. The special tax has already been used to upgrade Pinedale Elementary School and improvements are already planned for Clovis High School.

The money from Measure "A" will be used to pay for projects until 2018. The money can only be used on facility upgrades.

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