Clovis Teen Makes A Huge Donation To Apartment Fire Victims

Residents of the Scottsmen Apartments in Clovis look on as a large fire destroys the complex.

A devastating fire has brought out a lot of generous people.

The fire at a Clovis apartment complex destroyed everything some people owned. A Clovis Police Department donation drive is helping replace those lost items and a 16-year old girl made a big donation.

"I was thinking to myself, we have a roof over our heads, why not help someone who is struggling," says Karris Gentile.

The high school senior found out about the apartment fire on the Clovis Police Department Facebook page. She wanted to see the damage for herself, so her parents took her to the apartment complex.

"I felt bad," Karris said. "I felt bad for the people, because they lost everything."

Karris says donating all her bedroom furniture was a no brainer. {}So, police loaded up her armoire, headboard and nightstand. Karris's donation wasn't the only one that filled their truck. In fact, police made 25 pickups and filled three trucks.

"The community of Clovis has really stepped up and I feel like we've come together through this," says Clovis Police Officer Chuck Wages. "It's been awesome to see people come to help of other people."

Wages helped people at the Scottsmen Apartment fire last week, but wanted to do more. He says your generosity has made the donation drive a success. Karris says she's hoping more people decide to follow her lead and donate.

"I really hope people help these people that are struggling with everything," the 16-year old added.

If you would like to help there is still time. You can drop off high quality furniture, clothes and household goods at the Scottsmen Apartment on Gettysburg and Willow in Clovis.

You can also make monetary donation.{} Just drop off a check at the Clovis Police Department during business hours or donate online at

Donations will be accepted until Aug. 11.