Clovis Police Rescue Dog From Hot Car

Clovis Police say a small dog is safe after it was left in a hot car. Officers say the car was parked in the shade and the dog had water, but it was still panting. The officer broke into the car and gave the dog's owner a warning.

Veterinarians say they're treating a lot of dogs that have been left in hot cars. They say when it's extremely hot outside you should never leave your dog in the car, even if it's dark outside or you're parked in the shade.

Doctor Carrie Anne Strickland with 'Veterinary Emergency Service' says if your dog is overheated, don't give them cold water or hose them down. She says that will make it worse.

"It's very frustrating," says Doctor Strickland, "Particularly for us because this is an avoidable thing." The veterinarian says the best advice is to leave your dog at home in a nice, cool place with plenty of water.

Dogs that are susceptible to the heat are dogs with squished in faces, like Pugs and Bulldogs. Large dogs with thick coats, like German Shepherds or Chows, also get heat stroke quickly.

If your dog does get overheated, Dr. Strickland says to put cool rags on them and take them to the vet ASAP.