Clovis Police Help Victims Of A Devastating Apartment Fire

{}The Clovis Police Department is coming to the rescue by helping out those who lost everything in a devastating fire. The fire happened on Tuesday at the "Scottsmen Apartments" at Willow and Gettysburg in Clovis. Police say a child playing with a lighter started that fire.

There is a lot of damage at the Scottsmen Apartment and there's a fence keeping people out. Since the people who live in the 15 apartments can't go home, the Clovis Police Department decided to get together and do something to help them."

"I knew it was the right thing to do. Somebody had to do something to help."

Officer Chuck Wages was at Tuesday's fire, helping out firefighters. He says the flames were so high, he could see them over the pine trees.

"I was quite a ways away and I could feel the heat from the fire, it was huge. One of the biggest fires I've seen in my career," says Officer Wages.

Officer Wages says he found out that his wife has a Facebook friend who was affected by the fire. So, that got him thinking.

"It made it hit home a little more," says Officer Wages, "Seeing people standing around and crying. They probably lived in the apartments and lost everything."

Officer Wages decided to start a donation drive to help out the 40 people who lost so much in the fire. At first, Officer Wages says he thought only his shift would be involved. Then the donation drive grew to include the entire Clovis Police Department.

"How do you not act? You know what I mean? Whether you're a police officer or not, you're still a human being and seeing the loss is hard," adds Officer Wages.

The apartment complex is also involved in the donation drive. People can drop off good quality clothes, furniture and household items at the apartment office. Wal-Mart in Clovis is also donating backpacks and school supplies.

To make a donation you can mail a check to the Clovis Police Department at 1233 5th St., Clovis, CA. 93612 or you can drop off a check at the department during business hours. Checks should be made out to "Clovis Police Foundation."

You can also make a donation online at