Clovis Man Finds Possible "Bottle Bomb" Outside Home

Clovis Police set up what looked like a science lab on the 100-block of West Bedford Avenue, in Clovis.

Fighters tested the contents of a suspicious looking water bottle filled with a white, foam-like liquid.

A Clovis man told police, he found the bottle just outside his home, Saturday morning.

Police are calling the find a possible "pressure device," also known as a "bottle bomb".

The homemade bombs are often filled with foil and chemicals like Drano.

If the bottle is shaken, the combination can cause the bottle to explode.

Firefighters removed the bottle from the front of the residence.

After determining it was safe, firefighters poured out what was inside, wrapped the bottle in a paper bag, and took it away.

They continued to sweep the area for anything else hazardous.

Officials have not yet confirmed what was inside the bottle, or who was responsible.

The "bottle bombs," are sometimes set up as pranks.

If anyone finds a similar looking bottle, police warn not to touch it, and to call for help.