Clovis Craft Brewer Affected By The Government Shutdown

The Government Shutdown is affecting everything from where you can go and what Government agencies you can use. Now the shutdown is affecting what you can drink, because some craft breweries can't produce their beer.

The owner of "W-Brewing" in Clovis is open and selling his beer. However, he can't produce a seasonal beer that he had planned on selling.

"Some big clients are expecting it seasonal, because it is big beer time between October and February," says "W-Brewing" Owner Rhett Williams.

The problem is the "Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau" or TTB has to approve the label on the bottle before it can be sold. The TTB is closed, because of the government shutdown.

"If the TTB doesn't get their act together within the next couple of weeks we won't be able to release that seasonal beer," adds Williams.

If Williams cannot release the seasonal beer it will cost him thousands of dollars. However, Williams isn't too worried. He has other special brews that have already been approved and his Clovis craft beer business is growing. Williams has his local craft beer selling at Costco and he's adding a tasting room to at the brewery.