Clovis Consignment Store Closes, Customers Say They're Out Items and Money

Some customers want to know what has happened to their stuff after a Clovis consignment store closed.

Now, they say they're out of their goods, and money.

While there is a note thanking customers on the door of The Baby Bump in Clovis, that's little consolation for those who had items at the shop.

Some customers say they were given just three days get their stuff from the shop.

The shop mailed a letter to customers after it closed, dated June 1st.

It reads quote, "All unsold items were donated to Marjaree Mason and Goodwill."

And, quote, "We will not be able to pay the outstanding balance on your account."

Now, some mothers want answers -- and they're voicing off on Facebook.

While one mother says she got some of her stuff, she writes, "they said that the stuff that sold already would be sent to me in a check when they closed."

Another wants to know whether the unsold items did, in fact, go to the non-profit groups.

We went to the home of the shop's owner, which according to the business license, is Sano Faapouli.

No one came to the door, so we left a note with our contact information.

We also send a Facebook message to Mr. Faapouli's family.

We never heard back.

A representative for the Marjaree Mason Center confirms a donation was made, on May 27th.

However, the donation was made on behalf of an individual.

In this case, Sano Faapouli, the registered owner of The Baby Bump.

He received a donor receipt for items worth $2,000.