Clovis Assault Weapons Store Closing: Gun Pipeline Dries Up

The owner of a Clovis gun store says the fear of another assault weapons ban is forcing him to close.{}{}We The People Firearms{}specializes in assault weapons.

But since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut Ryan Cox hasn't been able to replenish his supply.{} "Our distributor is completely out and the guns that are available are going for three or four times the price that they normally would have."

Cox has also been unable to buy magazines, ammunition and any of the parts to make assault weapons.{} He claims discussion about resurrecting the assault weapons ban in Congress has created a panic and fear in the gun community.

Cox believes Senator Diane Feinstein is ready to introduce legislation at the start of the new year.{} "It's a bigger problem than the rifle. {} In my opinion it's not a gun issue. {} It's an overall problem, mainly mental health."

Tyler Turk owns an assault rifle. {} He's not worried about the government taking away his guns. But Turk believes the solution to the senseless shootings in this country shouldn't focus solely on guns.{}{}"I'm not surprised, I'm disappointed. {} I think it's not the guns that are the issue it's the people. {} I think more money should be put into mental health care."

We The People Firearms sold out of assault rifles two weeks ago. {} A demand spawned by fear and a lack of supply created its downfall.{} Only handguns and accessories remain. {} The assault rifles are gone.{}{}{}The store closes for good on January 25th. {}

Senator Feinstein's{}proposed assault weapons ban would outlaw the manufacture and sale of rifles, handguns and shotguns with large ammunition feeds.{} Her bill would also mandate federal registration and background checks on the owners of millions of rapid fire weapons sold legally after the old ban expired.