Cleaner Fresno Freeways Courtesy Of Parolee Anti-Litter Program

For the next three years parolees are going to be paid to keep{}Fresno freeways litter free.{} The partnership program between the State Department of Corrections and Caltrans has been around since 2009.

But it just came to Fresno in July.{} Parolees make ten dollars an hour and work forty hours a week. It's a full time job that only lasts ninety days.

Trent Manning, Caltrans Litter Abatement Program Manager says for many parolees it is their first job since leaving prison. "This is not a gateway to get a permanent job in Caltrans but it gets their feet in the front door.{} Parolees who pick up litter also receive access to rehabilitation programs.

Two years after it started in Sacramento the return to custody rate showed a tremendous drop.{}{}Manning says only five percent of the parolees who go thru the three month program end back in prison.{}"That's a big savings to the State of California because these people are not returning and they're becoming productive citizens."

That ugly litter that lines our freeways is slowly disappearing.{}{}Last year{}Caltrans spent 52-million dollars{}on trash removal.{} It amounted to 150-thousand cubic yards or enough trash to fill bumper to bumper garbage trucks from Fresno to Exeter.

More signs will soon be going up to remind motorists that the fine for littering is $1000.{} The{}CHP promises to be vigilant with enforcement.{}{}

Funding for the state program{}in Fresno will last through June of 2016.{}{}